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05 Aug

60W AF Amplifier With STK-0060II - Schematic Design

This is a 60W AF power amplifier based on single Sanyo integrated circuit STK-0060II. This circuit delivers 60W mono/single channel audio output. For stereo channel, you may build two identical circuits and of course doubled the power supply current (use 5A transformer for stereo application).

60W AF Amplifier With STK-0060II circuit diagram

The amplifier circuit uses symmetrical (dual polarity) power suppy. Recommended power supply voltage is +/- 35VDC, minimum current is 2A (use minimum 2A transformer). The heatsink usage is must, to prevent overheating on the IC and maximize the STK-0060II performance.

STK-0060II Power Amplifier Features:

  • IMST system
  • Dual power supply
  • Darlington pure complementary circuit
  • Metal substrate used IMSTc makes good thermal stability
  • Able to design freely previous section of power amplifier. This leads tone control designing

Download STK-0060II datasheet (application circuit included):

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