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Embedded Programming Outsourcing Offshore Development

IC Supplier has a team specializing in software system design for ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, x86 based processors and System-on-Chips (SoC), as well as in developing software/firmware for microprocessors, digital signal processors (DSP) and micro controllers. Our experience in embedded solutions enables us to provide high quality services of developing software and hardware for embedded systems.

On-demand software development:

system components development (Drivers, protocols and stacks, utilities);

OS installation, porting your applications on target platform, software localization;

Software and hardware integration that implies delivering turnkey projects with development of missing components, software for testing, verification and benchmarking;

Installation of system software, operating systems at the customer's option, development and debugging tools, build environments;

Embedded programming development services:

Device Driver and system development;

Linux porting on a target platform and Linux BSP development;

Custom Linux distributions for a target platform;

Real-time software development;

Protocols implementation;

Target board bring-up and bootloaders.

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